Bred (via ET) Ewes for Sale

We are offering a limited number of already bred ewes. Many of us have bought embryos, chosen the recipient, prepared her and had the Embryo Transfer done only to find out it didn’t take. It’s heartbreaking, and if you, like us, have a small flock of sheep, you may even be left with an open ewe.

Buying a ewe already confirmed carrying an embryo takes that heartache away! You get to bring her home, bond with her, be in control of the feeding regime and give the care that you prefer and most of all, be there for the birth of that precious little lamb!

Early Bird Special – Get on the top of our list and save $1000!

We have a limited number of ewes in our recipient program but feel comfortable taking deposits on two of them. The customers with a deposit get first choice of the successful pairings. If you already know this is the route you want to take, please contact us ASAP. Early bird special last until the two slots are taken, or until September 1. Deposits are $3000. Once we have two deposits, you can still get on our wait list for the fall. These lambs will have the genotype of ARQ or ARR.

Prices for bred ewes are $15,000 / $14,000 with early deposit.

Ewes will be bred by

Northkilduff George (ARQ/ARQ) x CCM Jemma (ARR/ARR)

Northkilduff George (ARQ/ARQ) x CCM JoJo (ARR/ARR)

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