Embryos, Semen, Bred (ET) Ewes and Purebred Lambs

In partnership with CCM Valais of UK, we are now offering every opportunity and way for you to add that coveted purebred Valais Blacknose Sheep to your precious flock

Semen / Straws

Bred Ewes

For those who do not want to get their hopes up on an ET (Embryo Transfer) only to be disappointed when it fails, we are taking all the heartache out of the process and doing all the work for you by offering ewes already confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. We offer a limited number of bred ewes available with incentives for early downpayments. For details, please follow this link.


We are offering embryos by two outstanding rams with stellar conformation and markings paired with some fantastic looking ARR ewes. Click here for information on the different pairings and pedigrees.

Purebred Lambs

For the most discerning buyer who wants to know the gender, the markings and all the details ahead of buying, we are also offering purebred lambs. Please contact us to get on our Priority List for lambs in Spring 2024! Click here for more details on the genetic lines used for this program.

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