Our Ewes

ASTRID dob, 3/2018, Single

This is our youngest and the only one of our ewes that didn’t get pregnant during the AI. She is also the only one that never had lambs prior to this. Always curious, she is the first to come up and to hang around us when we work in the pasture. Has the same grandfather as Anna, one of our other ewes. The sweetness must run in their lines, as both these girls are super sweet. Contemplating just breeding her “regularly” this fall (not to a VBN) to see if she can get pregnant.

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ANNA dob 2/2016, twin

Anna has amazing coverage in her face which is why I chose this picture where you can really see it. She has wonderful lines and the sweetest disposition. She was the first of the group to come to eat treats out of our hands. She is AI’d with semen from Flanders and I can’t wait to see the result! She has had a set of twins and a single, and is pregnant with a single lamb again!

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ALLIE dob 2/2016, twin

This is our Allie who came to our farm the born ring leader.. and already pregnant…ooops! So no VBN lamb from her this year, which is a shame since she has the most wonderful fiber. She is due in March 2020, dad was a 5 month old ram-lamb -this was obviously not planned and happened during a transport from OR to AL -so she gets pregnant easily and stays pregnant!! What great qualities. Will definitely AI her with VBN this fall. She has had a single lamb prior to this one.

Baby daddy is a 88% Teeswater so her lamb will have a great fleece and size. If she gets a ewe lamb she would make an excellent foundation ewe for the Teeswater breed up program.

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ALMA DOB Feb 2026, twin.

Alma is the most regal of our little group. She too has a beautiful fleece, great lines and has the largest head of our flock. She is confirmed pregnant and was AI’d with semen from Remco. Click here to get more information about him. Alma is a little shy, I first thought she was a bit standoffish, but now that she knows us she is right there wanting attention and treats with the rest of them.

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