Our Ewes

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Buttercup, F1 dob April 2020. Codon 171 QR

Sire: Remco Van’t Wormer Dam: Alma

Our first F1 ewe lamb, Buttercup has a remarkable fiber, which is why I chose this picture. She has all the markings, including the tail spot. Her nose was all black as a lamb, and gradually has gotten a white band along her nose- apparently she wants to be a white nosed Valais Blacknose! In 2021 she had a gorgeous little ewe lamb which we retained. In 2022 she gave us twins, a boy and a spotted girl that we love so much we are keeping her as well. See Damsel for description!

Buttercup might be offered for sale after the 2023 lambing season is over, I keep going back and forth as her babies are all phenomenal! She would be sold bred back to our own Valais ram.

Allie dob 2/2016, twin. Codon 171 QR

Purebred Cotswold, foundation ewe.

This is our Allie who came to our farm the born ring leader.. and already pregnant…ooops! Dad was a 5 month old ram-lamb -this was obviously not planned and happened during a transport from OR to AL -so she obviously gets pregnant easily and stays pregnant!! What great qualities. She had a beautiful little ewe lamb, Daisy whom was sold even before her 8 week mark! Allie was then AI’d and had a set of fantastic twins, one girl and one boy. We retained Coco for our program. She then went on to ET and became mom to our very first 100% purebred Valais Blacknose ram, Dawson.

Coco, F1 DOB 3/2021 (Twin). Codon 171 RR

Sire: Ezra Dam: Allie

Coco was our very last of our March babies born, and so very welcome after we had had 5 boys in a row. Her fleece is super nice, she has very cute markings for an F1 and her absolute biggest plus in my book is her super friendly cuddly personality. She and our Carolina are best buddies and virtually inseparable.

2022 she gave us a real snuggler, Denzel with near perfect markings. She is being bred to our own Dawson for 2023 spring lamb(s).

Carolina, F2 DOB May 2021. Codon 171 RR

Sire: Harrie Dam: Buttercup

Carolina is our first F2 and we were thrilled to see her! Sweet as pie with lovely wool and conformation. We are super excited to see what she will produce. Carolina will be bred to our own Dawson for a Spring 2023 lamb. Fingers crossed!! Cute AND scrapie resistant!!

Damsel, F2 Dob 6/6/22, twin. Codon 171 QR

Sire: Harrie Dam: Buttercup

First Place Winner at the 2022 NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival in the wool class at only 3.5 weeks! Marita Tauni, renowned Swedish breeder and judge commented that this is what we want in Valais; long well-defined staples that are uniform all over the sheep with lots of luster. Straight back and legs. I chose this picture because you can see some of that luster even when you do not lift to really see it. She is Carolinas full sibling, but we loved her so much we decided to hold her back for our own breeding program. She will not be bred until fall of 2023.

Daffodil, F1 DOB 6/5/22, triplet. Codon 171 RR

Sire: Balamber Dam: Astrid

Daffodil is the second-place winner (behind our Damsel) in the wool class (12 in the class) at the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival. We couldn’t be prouder of our little F1! Her markings are not all there, but her conformation is as great as her wool. We are moving her up into our breed up program and are excited to see what she will do for us. We’re very happy to see that she is Scrapie resistant as well!

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