Purebred Lambs

Skip YEARS of breed up by getting your own purebred lambs out of UK bred rams and ewes.

Then protect them by making sure they have resistance to Scrapie. All our lambs will have genotype ARQ or ARR and will be born spring of 2024! Set your future flock up with great genetics. All the ewes and the rams used have correct markings and are well-built with solid bone structure, straight top lines, straight legs and great wool and coverage. Get on our wait list with your preferences and we will notify you in the order you let us know.


We are offering ONE purebred ram lamb and ONE purebred ewe lamb with guaranteed correct markings at a FANTASTIC price!

Once all the lambs are born within our partnership (Gratitude Acres/CCM) you will get your choice of them all (we are implanting 10 embryos). If you have chosen a ewe lamb, you will have first choice of all the ewe lambs born; if you have chosen a ram, you get to choose between any of the ram lambs. We are guaranteeing correct markings and the sex you chose or your deposit back. We can also guarantee that NONE of the lambs born will be QQ. Both rams are ARQ/ARQ and all the ewes are ARR/ARR.

Lock in your choice today by letting us know your preference and send us a deposit and you will have made the deal of a lifetime!

Price for a correctly marked ram lamb: $15,000. Deposit; $9,000

Price for a correctly marked ewe lamb: $18,000. Deposit $11,000

Prices for our correctly marked lambs will otherwise start at $17,000 for ram lambs and $20,000 for ewe lambs (which also is a deal, just not AS good) and we will list the lambs for sale after the two presold ones have been chosen.

Lambs will be out the following pairings:

Northkilduff George x CCM Jemma link for pictures and pedigrees

Deepdale Horatio x CCM Jasmine link for pictures and pedigrees

Deepdale Horatio x CCM Jessie J link for pictures and pedigrees

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