Valais at Gratitude Acres

The wonderful world of Valais Blacknose Sheep!

Lambing Season 2021!

Out of our 4 original foundation ewes we got THREE sets of twins and one single lambs. AND our first F2 is due this week… we are thrilled!

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Why Valais Blacknose Sheep?

The short answer is because they are the most personable, loving, cuddly sheep ever! Falling in love with Valais Blacknose Sheep happens instantly. However; getting your hands on them was impossible at the time I first learned about them. Years later I realized that we could get our very own by participating in a Breed Up Program. We jumped in with both feet; clearing land, building shelters, putting up fencing, acquiring foundation ewes, going through the AI process and then the what seemed to be an endless wait to finally be able to welcome our own very first F1’s. It’s official- we’re even more in love now!! We welcome you to come visit us, but please be prepared to lose your heart!!

Cotswold Sheep- Our foundation ewes. Cotswolds share many traits in common with the Valais; they are both long-wool sheep, share similar type of wool- long staples, similar micron count and locks. They are both a medium to large sheep with gentle and sweet personalities. The white Cotswolds have proved that they let the markings of the Valais through- resulting in F1’s that have amazing markings- ears, nose, knees, hocks and tail spot. And- since it’s often very hard to breed out- NO spots :)). I have been asked about the lack of horns since Cotswolds are a polled breed. The Valais can have issues with their horns growing into their wide faces. I’m hoping that using Cotwolds means that I don’t have to deal with a different horn set on top of that. The science of genetics tells us that horns will come! Lastly: Cotswolds are usually easy lambers and excellent mothers with plenty of milk, all important qualities to me.

Ongoing Support

We offer all our customers ongoing support both during the process of acquiring sheep and for as long as you want it. We do hope to stay in touch and be able to count you as a member of our extended, growing and enthusiastic sheep-family!! Stop by for some cuddles provided by our sheep and some sheep talk over a cup of tea!

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