Valais at Gratitude Acres

The wonderful world of Valais Blacknose Sheep!

Why Valais Blacknose Sheep?

The short answer is because they are the most personable. loving, cuddly sheep ever! Falling in love with Valais Blacknose Sheep happens instantly! Getting your hands on them was however impossible at the time. Years later I realized that we could get our very own by participating in a Breed Up Program. We jumped in with both feet; clearing land, building shelters, putting up fencing, acquiring foundation ewes, going through the AI process and then the what seems to be an endless wait to finally be able to welcome our own very first F1’s. Just look at the picture to the left and you will see just why we keep doing this. We welcome you to come visit us, but please be prepared to lose your heart!!

This is Alma, one of our Cotswold foundation ewes who gave us stunning looking little girl. Buttercup has all the right markings, great bone and a wonderful fleece!

Products and Services

Along with our F1’s we also offer wool. Just look at the luster and locks of our purebred registered Cotswold in this picture! Many use these locks for doll hair or Santa beards- and I understand why. This wool is a hand spinner’s dream to work with so I’m super excited to see what it will look like combined with the VBN!

If you would like to “talk sheep”, know more, come visit or get on our waiting list for F1’s please contact us!

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