Our Lambs

All our animals are for sale- always. We do not reserve the best for ourselves. Contact us for more information an more pictures of any of our sheep.

Daisy (SOLD)

DOB 3/11/2020. Mom is Allie, and her dad is an 88% Teeswater Ram.

Price: SOLD

Bamse- F1 (SOLD)

DOB 4/29/2020. Out of our Anna (Cotswold) and Flanders (VBN and Maximum Point Genetics- if that is of interest). He has the typical Valais personality: sweet, cuddly, loves people and attention. He has phenomenal fleece, great bone straight legs and good size. He has very nice markings for being an F1, although lighter than desired. Did I mention his phenomenal fleece? Great hand, defined locks and nice luster. Anyone working with fiber will adore his fiber he will make a fantastic pet and will not develop any horns, so he’s a great choice for any age!! If it wasn’t a space issue we would not let this guy leave our farm!!

Price: SOLD


DOB 4/30/2020. Out of our Alma (Cotswold) and Remco (VBN). The bounciest little girl ever, she simply loves to jump. Straight legs, big bones and an overall beautiful conformation. Gorgeous fleece. She has inherited luster from mom, and has great defined locks already. Fantastic markings for an F1… mostly black but some brown.

Buttercup will be AI’d (if cycling) on Dec 13th.

Price: $4500

Come meet our cuties and fall in love.

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