These are the remarkable Valais Blacknose rams we have chosen for the AI (artificial insemination) process. I have listed the rams and their information and pictures below for your information.

(Contact Valais-Blacknose-Sheep.com for more information or to buy straws.)


ARR. Just look at this beautiful ram! I’m thrilled to have his outstanding genetics as a base in my breeding program. His sire Pepjin was graded and received Maximum Points. The genetics are there and I’m excited to see how he carries it forward!

Flanders gave us a lamb with wonderful size, markings and personality. We are using this ram for our fall 2020 breedings again.

Contact Valais-Blacknose-Sheep.com for more information or to buy straws (while available).


ARR. In the Dutch grading system (using the Swiss standard but a more detailed 100 pt system). 85 points or higher puts you in the “Top Animal” class. Remco’s sire not only achieved that class, but earned top 10 score of rams of all rare breeds graded that year. Impressive.

He and our Alma produced a remarkable ewe lamb, Buttercup. She has all the bells and whistles and a fleece that rivals many 100% Valais sheep. We are definitely repeating that breeding fall of 2020.

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